By: Mike Flo

Should You Opt For a Shaker Kitchen?
19th March 2024

Our kitchens provide a backdrop to a variety of occasions, from enjoying a coffee with friends to hosting family get-togethers. They…

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Five Lighting Ideas That Bring Life To Your Kitchen Design
24th November 2023

Lighting is a cornerstone when envisioning your upcoming kitchen design. It has the power to transform your kitchen, ensuring it is…

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Dark Flat Panel Kitchen
7 Ways To Incorporate Wood Into Your New Kitchen Design
11th September 2023

Always remaining a firm favourite in the style stakes, wood transcends time regarding style. Wood is a secure choice when investing…

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Six Kitchen Handle Styles That Will Effortlessly Elevate Your Design
21st August 2023

When it comes to kitchen design, every detail matters, right down to the handles. Kitchen handles may seem like a small…

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Simple Kitchen Layout Tips
3rd July 2023

For most of us, our kitchen is much more than just a place to cook. It’s the bustling hub of the…

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Energy-Saving Tips To Make Your New Kitchen More Efficient
20th April 2023

The kitchen is undeniably the beating heart of the modern home, and renovating your kitchen is a wonderful way to enhance…

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Struggling To Decide Between A Traditional Or A Modern Kitchen? Here Are Some Tips To Help You Choose.
2nd March 2023

Kitchens are more than just a place to cook. They provide a backdrop to a variety of occasions, from enjoying a…

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Should You Opt For A Kitchen Island?
30th November 2022

These days, it seems like almost every kitchen you see features a kitchen island. And so, naturally, if you’re considering updating…

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The Benefits Of Buying A Bespoke Kitchen
7th September 2022

Here at Orchard, we specialise in crafting superb bespoke kitchens. We build all our individually personalised designs at our on-site workshop….

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10 Fantastic Kitchen Storage Ideas To Maximise Space
1st September 2022

After spending more than 40 years designing, crafting and installing kitchens, we’ve noticed that one thing never changes, and that’s our…

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