Always remaining a firm favourite in the style stakes, wood transcends time regarding style. Wood is a secure choice when investing in a timeless feature for your upcoming design, as it effortlessly brings a sense of the outdoors inside. Incorporating elements from nature can elevate your spirits, particularly as we approach the colder and darker months. It is worthwhile contemplating how you can infuse your indoor living space with these natural attributes to create a welcoming and happy ambience. At Orchard Kitchens, we have explored ways to weave the allure of nature into your indoor atmosphere with the natural element of wood in your living space. Here are seven approaches to cultivating an outdoor sanctuary inside with the use of wood.



Starting from the ground up, you can integrate wood into your design by opting for wooden flooring. Whether you go for Herringbone style, a Brick layout or Chantilly Parquet, there are plentiful ways to enhance your design. Available in real natural wooden options or laminate wooden replicas, wooden flooring effortlessly radiates that sense of the outdoors. The rich tones and natural textures of the wood breathe life into your interior and reflect the beauty of nature within your space.

Blue Shaker Kitchen

Freestanding Furniture

If you have your dream kitchen installed and are searching for inspiration on how to bring nature into your existing interior, wooden standalone furnishings may be your answer. From oak bar stools to long wooden benches, you can enhance your environment with multiple wooden components. Wood holds the capacity to define the personality and ambience of your space through its versatile applications. By artfully combining elements of old and new, you can generate compelling contrasts that infuse a captivating charm into your overall aesthetic. Whether you add old rustic tables, modern wooden stools or Scandinavian-style benches, wood is flexible and can complement any design. Introduce the serenity of the outdoors into your interior with wooden standalone furnishings.

Contemporary Kitchen

Your Cabinetry

Wood can enrich your cabinetry in a myriad of ways, granting you the freedom to embrace a complete wooden theme for all your units or selectively incorporate this distinctive style by choosing a few. At Orchard Kitchens, we offer boundless flexibility to tailor your design according to your preferences. We completely customise your space, so you have ownership of the form and function of your upcoming project. Whether you go for an overall wooden aesthetic design or simply choose a few doors to display the striking appearance of wood, it will seamlessly infuse a natural element into your inside space. With the mesmerising lines of the distinctive wood grains, whichever you choose, the visual appeal of wood adds earthy undertones to your kitchen interior.

Dark Flat Panel Kitchen

The Hidden Details

A way to weave a wooden theme within your culinary space would be to embed it in all the finer details. From visible wooden oak trays slotted into the cabinetry, to warm chestnut hues in a hidden pantry. You can infuse the essence of nature into your design subtly and delightfully. While focusing on your storage solutions, you can indulge in a visual burst of nature when you slide open your drawers, revealing the captivating richness of authentic wooden charm. Considering your storage options offers a discreet yet engaging approach to merging a wooden aesthetic into your design, tastefully noticing its charm in all the nooks and crannies of your kitchen. Embracing wooden cabinetry at the core of your design provides avenues to infuse this natural aesthetic, where its beauty does not have to be bold – it can reside in the exquisite hidden details that grace your design.

In-Frame Kitchen with Large Pantry

Integrated Chopping Boards Or Butcher’s Blocks

Offering a blend of function and visual allure, including a wooden chopping board or butcher’s block into your worktop design provides a captivating opportunity to showcase the inherent beauty of wood within your space. Becoming increasingly popular and flying high in recent style trends, a statement slab of wood can transform not only the aesthetic but how you experience your environment. Whether you opt for wide staves on the board or long thick chunky details, there are ample options to choose from. It exudes practicality and breathes a touch of nature into your look.

White Traditional Kitchen


Wood has consistently remained a firm favourite for worktops, owing to its innate antibacterial attributes, making it a timeless choice that boasts lifelong endurance. Evoking a comforting and inviting ambience, wood is a robust option for your kitchen. Its remarkable versatility harmonises impeccably with any cabinetry style. Moreover, their resilience to minor damages like dents and knife marks makes maintenance easy. When contemplating your forthcoming project, considering wood as a prospective worktop option is worthwhile, as it effortlessly infuses a fresh outdoor aura into your living space.

The Finishing Touches

Incorporating wood into your kitchen design enables you to channel nature’s presence indoors. However, there are other creative ways to uplift your interior with the essence of nature. You could infuse various shades of green or introduce plants to your space, creating a natural atmosphere within your home. Even a modest bouquet of flowers can elevate the overall feel. Maximising your natural light sources in your kitchen is also essential to capture the refreshing spirit of the outdoors.

Dark Handleless Kitchen

There are plentiful chances to bring the beauty of nature indoors, and applying wood to areas of your design is just one of them. If you would like to know more about creating specific looks and styles for your upcoming kitchen project, feel free to contact our team at Orchard Kitchens. We are dedicated to understanding your vision, and ensuring every aspect of your design aligns with your aesthetic preferences. Through this attentive process, we craft a personalised space that harmoniously combines your desired elements, resulting in a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Please call us on 0115 9308408 or send an email to [email protected]. to get in touch today. We look forward to hearing from you!